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FQHC Executive Compensation:

Succession, Retirement & Total Rewards Strategies

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  1. Introduction with Jim & Jamie Hebets
  2. Succession Planning with Jim Hebets (Start Time: 8:00)
  3. Compensation, Retirement & Total Rewards Strategies with Melinda Figeley (Start Time: 26:12)
  4. 162 Bonus Arrangement with Cost Recovery with Jamie Hebets (Start Time: 39:34)
  5. How to Convert an FQHC Retirement Benefits to an asset with Jim Hebets (Start Time: 49:35)
  6. Hebets Co U with Jim & Jamie Hebets (Start Time: 54:43)
  7. Closing comments and Q & A with Jim & Jamie Hebets

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The Hebets Company currently serves more than 50 FQHCs nationwide, including 3 of the 10 largest. Jim & Jamie Hebets co-lead the national practice for The Hebets Company, an NFP Company, that has the only fully dedicated national platform serving FQHCs in the areas of executive compensation, retirement benefits, compensation benchmarking and succession planning.