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Transformational Executive Retirement Benefits

TriHealth Shares their Approach

AHA Sponsored Webinar May 26th, 2021

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  1. Introduction with Monique Showalter
  2. Introduction with Jim Hebets (Start Time: 6:00)
  3. What We Will Cover Today with Jamie Hebets (Start Time: 9:30)
  4. Why TriHealth Revamped their Plan with Andrew DeVoe (Start Time: 18:00)
  5. SERP/457 Plan to Loan Regime Split Dollar with Jim Hebets (Start Time: 23:40)
  6. Cost Recovery to TriHealth with Jim Hebets (Start Time: 33:20)
  7. Overall how this has effect ed TriHealth with Andrew DeVoe (Start Time: 40:20)
  8. How Loan Regime Split Dollar works and has changed from design of the past with Jim and Jamie Hebets (Start Time: 41:05)
  9. Closing comments and Q & A with Monique, Andrew, Jim & Jamie Hebets (Start Time: 50:40)

In this webinar you will learn about:

As leaders in the industry, and with the backing of our parent-company NFP, we firmly believe there is safety in numbers. The Hebets Company is a wholly owned subsidiary of NFP. Our international organizational strength can be highlighted as follows:

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